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    Doc Miller Premium Compression Socks are made of Durable, Breathable, Comfortable, Premium fabric made of high-grade Nylon (77%) and Lycra/Spandex (23%) for a snug, comfortable, compressive fit. The socks aid in faster recovery for improved performance and support. By boosting blood circulation in your legs and preventing injuries, the socks allows you to feel fresher for more activity.

    The perfect graduated support ranging from 20-30 mmHg allows for more blood flow where needed. Perfect designs provide a professional look and feel and the compression lasts a long time. The socks can be used as pregnancy maternity stockings.

    Stylish confidence in a sock: Doc Miller has designed a durable compression sock designed to last, with great quality and comfort. Advanced machine stitching with top line fabric will have your legs thanking you. Feel the plush comfort and modern design of your new sock tights. Easy to wear, great compression function that you’ll forget you have them on. With 20-30 mmHg compression, they retain their compression after repeated washings and keep your vascular health rocking when you wear them.

    Excellent varicose vein relief: Your blood circulation is important, and leg swelling and fatigued legs is not what you want to deal with! We couldn’t agree more! Day or night, this sock provides compression that benefits you. Every bit as functional as the doctor prescribed variety, dealing with blood clots and other post-surgery issues. With perfectly graduated support of foot, heel, ankle and calf muscles they will provide immediate relief. Exceptionally durable fabric makes care easy.

    Get what you deserve: With breathable, comfortable material and seamless construction, this sock is wearable by both nurses and athletes alike. With top cuffs that never fall down no matter what, this is just what you were looking for. No rubbing, pinching or discomfort seen in other fancy but non-working socks. Great to use in all condition, hot or cold, for activities such as long distance running, marathon, volleyball, basketball and court sports. Or just wear them to lounge around at home!

    Health and relief in style: The sock act as excellent compression hose, without the boring single color treatment meted out by tired sock companies. Your varicose and spider veins dont mean you are consigned to boring designs. The socks are made from hi-grade Lycra (or Spandex) and are built to last. Use them to combat Edema, Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT), during pregnancy, air travel, for nurses, for muscle recovery after strenuous activity, reducing fatigue and swelling in your lower legs.

    What Size Should You Get?

    The sizing chart displays product sizes for a range of sizes.

    Who Should Use It?

    Effective for both men, women and teens, use them for a wide range of activities – from warming up to sessions of Tennis, Basketball, Racquetball, Football, Soccer, Hiking, Cross Fit, and other athletic activity. Fabric characteristics keep it comfortable regardless of season. If you are pregnant, stand a lot during the day as a nurse, in retail or construction this product will prevent soreness and aching feet. If you travel by air, this product may help reduce fatigue, edema and Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT).

    This product is recommended for those suffering from shin splints, calf pain, swelling in the feet, inflammation, pain in leg, soreness and aids in faster recovery from sports activities and running. Studies show compression accelerates recovery from soft-tissue injuries and reduces the severity of delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) after working out. This product may also help you with Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS).

    Don't wait anymore! Experience the benefits yourself. Different sizes sell out – if you see your favorite color/size click Add to Cart. Your calves and legs will thank you!

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