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    Doc Miller Open Toe Compression SocksDoc Miller Compression SleevesDoc Miller Compression SleevesDoc Miller Open Toe Compression Socks

    The founding of Doc Miller(TM) was based on one core thing.

    The need for a solution to heal tired legs at the end of the day. Why legs? Because it is the one thing that keeps you mobile and the one common thing that decides whether you're having a good time, or going through the motions because you have to.

    I am an athlete (or pretend to be one 3-4 times a week). Playing tennis frequently got me down. Not my arms, not my shoulders - plenty of juice there. The legs. Only the legs. Then I read up Jeff Galloway's books on running. He talks about the benefits of compression wear for running. Decided to try it. Voila! Energy back, better tennis, the works.

    Decided to design compression sleeves with the best material available that would hold the compression and be durable. Wanted it to be a part of athletic gear for those looking for a performance edge. Consulted with athletic and medical professionals.

    And here we are. The best, lightest, most effective compression sleeves available on the market.

    Thanks for swinging by.

    Much gratitude.

    Abdul Raouf