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    Doc Miller Compression Sleeves

    We started Doc Miller with one core concept in mind, the need for a solution to heal tired legs at the end of the day. Why Legs? Because if your legs are in bad shape you feel it, literally with every step you take.

    The founders have been athletes for most of their lives. We still play tennis 3 to 4 times a week. As we have gotten older our legs don’t recover as quickly as they used to. Friends recommended Jeff Galloway’s book on running. Jeff’s book talks about the benefits of compression wear for athletes. We decided to try out compression socks ourselves and we were instant believers!

    The soreness and tired feeling were gone and felt like energy was back.

    As we started to shop for compression sleeves, we were disappointed in the quality of the material and styles that were available. We decided to design a compression sleeve from the best materials so it would be more durable and provide longer lasting compression. We wanted to deliver a product that would give athletes and non-athletes a performance edge. We did our research and consulted with athletes and medical professionals.

    We truly believe we have created the best, lightest, most effective compression sleeves available on the market. And we named it after an inspirational figure from our childhood.

    We are based in green and lovely Atlanta, Georgia and ship our products out of here.

    Thanks for swinging by.

    Much gratitude.