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    Be ready to enjoy your activities without being bothered by debilitating knee pain. This brace provides the required support with the injured and the old alike.

    Doc Miller Knee Brace is made of Durable, Breathable, Comfortable, Premium Neoprene and high-grade Nylon fabric for a snug, comfortable fit. It provides the required support for wobbly, injured or painful knees. The neoprene provides the necessary warmth and comfort that allows increased mobility. The support comes from the four springs, two on either side that keeps the knee along the correct plane.

    • Durable material
    • Aids with joint recovery
    • Offers relief from arthritis, aches and winter knee pains.
    • Can be comfortably worn all-day
    • Provides compression, and is ergonomically designed for full range of motion
    • High-Performance fabric with neoprene keeps optimal joint temperature

    Freedom to an active knee: Doc Miller Knee Brace supports your kneecap and relieves it from joint pains. Made with exceptional quality warm neoprene, this brace will effectively warm up your knee joint allowing you relatively better movement. The snug fit of the neoprene material makes for a comfortable and cozy wear.

    High-quality velcro: Superior quality Velcro allows for this open patella brace to be adjusted to exactly where you need the tension to be. If your knee circumference measures 12” to 18” these are perfect for you. Fully washable by hand so no need to worry about wearing a stale pair. Consider getting two, one for each knee or keeping a spare. Unbeatable price and value for this high-quality product won’t last, so hurry!

    Breathable and flexible: High-grade Neoprene is an exceptional material. Perfect for generating heat while snug and breathable at the same time. This dual function makes it ideal for braces for compression pain relief. It can be used in the ICE regiment when the knee is hurt and requires compression. The lightweight nature will make forget you are wearing it.

    Multi-purposed knee care: These braces can be used for active sports such as running, tennis, basketball or at the gym, weight lifting, etc. They provide excellent support and pain relief from ACL, MCL, PCL meniscus tear, osteoarthritis, arthritis, and other knee ailments and injury recovery.

    What Size Should You Get?

    Measure the circumference around your knee and compare your measurements with the sizing chart:

    Small/Medium = 9-13 inches 

    Large = 12 – 18 inches

    Who Should Use It?

    If you have mobility issues arising from the knees, have pain or are recovering from surgery to the knee this knee brace is perfect for you. If you want to get back to your previous activity, be it running, hiking, walking, tennis or any other sport and have this slight niggle in your knee that you could use some support for, this knee brace is for you. If you have a meniscus tear and are recovering; if you have ACL, MCL or other bone on bone knee issues that seriously affect your mobility and would like a non-hinged support, this knee brace is for you.

    Don't wait anymore! Experience the benefits of the product for yourself.